Doc Control

Document Control is an essential business function for organizations operating in regulated environments, and for any company serving customers with quality assurance requirements (such as nuclear, energy, transportation, technology, healthcare and critical infrastructure customers). Document Control ensures that the documentation created, used and distributed by an organization:

  • Satisfies critical quality and regulatory objectives
  • Is appropriately reviewed and approved
  • Is kept secure, accurate and up-to-date, and
  • Is available to users and stakeholders.

Doc Control typically involves:

  • Uniquely identifying documents and revisions
  • Ensuring that documents are revised by authorized team members
  • Applying quality standards
  • Demonstrating appropriate review and approval of critical information
  • Distributing information to those who need it, and those who have appropriate security privileges (if applicable)
  • Managing changes in documentation.

Larger organizations will have a dedicated Document Control team or service, generally as part of a quality or information-governance group. Document Controllers manage document types and templates, control document numbering, assures documentation standards and quality, and serve as gatekeepers for documents being “issued” to the organization’s approved document library. Document Control typically consists of a number of full-time professionals with documentation support and library sciences training — an investment that makes sense for a large organization generating a large amount of controlled information.

For smaller organizations however, the burden of Documentation Control can be a challenge. It’s difficult for a firm new to the rigors of quality management, compliance and information governance to establish the standards, processes and controls needed to satisfy regulators, customers and other stakeholders. And the cost of a full-time Document Control team may not be justified in an organization that produces relatively few controlled documents, no matter how important those few documents are.

Document Control can be resource-intensive and time consuming. Large organizations have the ability to invest in the technology and skilled human resources needed to perform the function inhouse that smaller businesses typically can’t afford. That’s where Document Factory can help! Our subscription-based Document Control service provides a turnkey, right-sized Doc Control solution for your organization, regardless of size. Our experienced Doc Control specialists will ensure that your organizational information is protected, controlled and creditable, letting you focus on your core business without having to worry about the “boring stuff”.

For more information about options, pricing, and how we can simplify your business by taking care of your document-control headaches, contact us today.